Ernie O’Malley, A Life – November 2021

Please accept my deepest appreciation for your incredibly informative, fascinating and very well received Ernie O’Malley event. It was your best yet! We have received nothing but positive feedback. All your and Cormac’s hard work, knowledge and passion for the subject made the program the success that it was. THANK YOU!

Micayla Hall, Director

Harry, thanks for the great talk you gave last night-we really enjoyed it. You beautifully explained a period of complex Irish history.

Kevin Bowdler

That was a wonderful talk yesterday. Where can I buy a book. I NEED A COPY!

Lynn Calahan

Grant & Lee Great Civil War Adversaries – March & June 2020

I thought last night’s lecture is the best you’ve ever done. You brought to life both Grant and Lee as sympathetic, compelling men!

Elisabeth Harding

Bravo. A terrific talk, You are a talented and engaging narrator.

Scott Muller

Your presentation yesterday was outstanding! What a treat to be on the receiving end of your knowledge. I am sharing the recording with friends if that is OK.

Revell Horsey

We loved your talk on Grant & Lee-very entertaining. You would make a fabulous history professor for some lucky University!

Marietta Toft

Marcel Proust – 20th Century’s Greatest Novelist – October 2009

Harry, that was a fine talk, which taught a large and enthusiastic audience a lot about Proust! Bravo and thanks!

Meredith Brown

I enjoyed your talk and learned from it. I did not expect to feel that way because I hardly knew who Proust was. But making literature clearly relevant to our lives today made this a valuable experience.

Francis Pandolfi

That was a fascinating, well-prepared presentation-provoking and insightful from start to perfect finish. Indeed, I’ve heard nothing but high praise.

Jeffrey Pruzica