After Andover, Harvard College and Harvard Law School, Harry began a career spanning six disciplines. First practicing as a Wall St Lawyer, he then became an officer in the US International Aid Program assisting Turkey, India, Pakistan and Colombia develop their infrastructure. He spent the following decade 1968-1978 as a banker with Chase running its banks in Upstate New York and South America. He became CEO of the Merrill Lynch International Bank in London and the UBAF Arab American bank in New York City.

Shifting careers again, from 1990-2000 he was CEO of Waycrosse, the family shareholder entity in Minneapolis that owned Cargill, Inc, the largest family company in America. He was asked by the world’s private banks to speak at wealthy family conferences on subjects like: “How Family Governance Protects Wealth”. Over the next fourteen years 2000-2014 he developed a consulting firm providing advice to leading global wealthy families in North America, Asia and Europe.

After retirement Harry began speaking in venues from Vermont to Florida on subjects such as: Homer’s Iliad & Odyssey, Brush Up Your Shakespeare, Emily Dickinson, Brave Lady-Great Poet, Hemingway & His Four Wives, Tolstoy & the Russian Aristocracy, Grant & Lee, Civil War Adversaries, Parent & Give Like the Rockefellers and Ernie O’Malley. With Ernie’s son Cormac, Harry recently wrote Ernie O’Malley, A Life, published in October 1921 by Irish Academic Press’s Merrion Division. It is sold here on Amazon. Ernie was a General in the Irish Republican Army’s effort to free Ireland from Britain in the War of Independence (1919-1921), becoming the second senior IRA officer in the following tragic Irish Civil War (1922-1923). Ernie developed a second life as a creative intellectual, writing world acclaimed books on both conflicts, supporting modern Irish artists like Jack Yeats its greatest painter, marrying beautiful Helen Hooker, the American heiress-sculptor who later kidnapped his two older children from an Irish boarding school to her Park Avenue apartment, and assisting John Ford film the Quiet Man in Ireland. It starred John Wayne and Maureen O’Hara, who befriended young Cormac on the set since they both had red hair.”


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